2021 Labor Day Patriot Camp

2021 Labor Day Patriot Camp

Purpose ~ Promise ~ Patience ~ Power

AWA hosted a great camp featuring our own coaches Derek Garcia and Tony Nunez in additional to Ohio State alum and 2x Ohio State Champ Josh Demas. 

Coach Pete brought a powerful message focusing on Purpose, Promise, Patience and Power

Purpose: When you know your purpose, you purposely do things you have to do, lead to do or asked to do.

Promises: When you have trust and have faith in what parents, coaches, and teachers teach you. That’s when Promises are fulfilled.

Patience: You have to have a trust in God’s timing, and when you do, that’s when you will build up and have patience to fulfill your purpose and God will fulfill His promises.

Power: God’s purpose to fulfill His promises as you wait patiently is when you will have power. And that power that is in you is greater than anything in this world.

Ohio State wrestlers Derek Garcia and Josh Demas

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Labor Day Patriot Camp